Ugnius Gelguda and Neringa Cerniauskaite started collaborating in 2009. Since their first project, the artists have followed the social life of objects, how they participate in human history and activities, and how objects relate and perform to one another. When ideas that gave birth to the objects that we have focused on became obsolete, their material presence is carried into new political, cultural or economic contexts. In their practice, a thorough research around the selected or encountered objects carried by history into presence, is merged with imagination and experimentation. The objects participate as backdrops or main characters in their fictional 16mm films, or narrate human history through their perspective, and in their language. Thus the myriad practices of the artists exceed the narrow confines of a single medium, and include 16mm films, photo slides, objects, performance, sound.

Both artists are based in Vilnius and Brooklyn, New York.